FOR 2 adults
Children under 14 FREE

Wild Camping:

 15.00 US $ / night 
 95.00 US $ / 1 w.  
175.00 US $ / 2 w.
360.00 US $ / M.


    Full Hook Ups
  19.00 US $ / night
119.00 US $ / 1 w.
226.00 US $ / 2 w. 
456.00 US $/ M.


       Extra adult:

        2.00 US$ea./ DAY



3.00 US$ / Sem.
14.00 US$ / Week
25.00 US$ / Month

Price for longer stays are available on demand.


The peninsula
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The Peninsula of Baja California
Here is some general information
about the Baja California peninsula

The peninsula of Baja California is the geological extension of the State of California in the U.S.A. and is Mexican territory; This long "Presqu'ile" is washed on its west coast by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and on its east side by gentle surf of the Sea of Cortez, which has changed names with time. First called "Sea of Cortez" in honor of the first man to explore it's waters and shores, the Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés it was then changed for "Bermillion Sea" and more recently named the "Gulfo de California" (Gulf of California) by the Mexican Government.

History on The Area

The region was named after the mythical "Queen Calafia", or after the Latin words "Cálida Fornax" (hot as a furnace), or after the mythical place mentioned in the "Sergas de Splandian", or...

The First "Conquistadores" were Spaniards in 1535. Rumors of Amazon women and abundance of gold brought them to this land but after failing to find any of both they sailed back to the main land.

Pirates came and waited around the Cape (Cabo San Lucas) for tall ships returning from the South Pacific Islands loaded with fine goods to be delivered to Acapulco. In the year 1697 came de Company of Jesuits and a Mission was established in Loreto. Today the Baja visitor can still visit towns and villages where missions where built to stand for a long long time. The Jesuit lost the trust of the King of Spain and were later replaced with Franciscans.

With the priests came pioneers and adventurers for almost 400 years thereafter. Their descendants turned to farming, ranching and mining. The natives of Baja not having any resistance to the "White Man's" small pox and other health problems died one after an other. Today In Baja you will find a relaxed way of living in the few small towns along the peninsula's length and a faster pace in the big cities at each end of it but still very slow when you compare it with "the Real World".

To see for yourself 


Our sandy beach is free of vendors so you can fully enjoy the wonderful feeling of been at the beach alone in a place where the sun or the stars shine 350 days a year and where the moon comes up over the sea to provide a wonderful (sexy) romantic ambiance.

For you enjoyment we have a beach umbrellas, kayaks, snorkeling equipment and games free of charge.

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 El Cardonal's Hide-a-Way.

To be in Paradise 

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