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Elcardonal's Hideaway

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The peninsula
Other aspects
Drive Baja


For  2 adults
Children FREE

Wild Camping:

 10.00 US $ / night 
  66.00 US $ / 1 w.   130.00 US $ / 2 w.
189.00 US $ / 3 w.
 255.00 US $ / M.


  12.00 US $ / night 
  79.00 US $ / 1 w.
156.00 US $ / 2 w.
226.00 US $ / 3 w.
288.00 US $ / M.


    Full Hook Ups
13.00 US $ / night
  86.00 US $ / 1 w.
169.00 US $ / 2 w. 
 245.00 US $ / 3 w.
 312.00 US $ / M.


Extra adult:
2.00 US $ / each.

Price for longer stays are available on demand.


A Road To Discovery
 There is only one major highway that goes from north to south with some side roads that are paved (please check with the most recent maps for details). Sections of Highway 1 are divided. One is from Tijuana to Ensenada in the north; others are the entrance and exit in La Paz and from the Los Cabos airport to Cabo San Lucas.

Driving in Baja is not like driving in North America. The roads are not wide and even thought the traffic is light you have to be careful. The ever changing scenery is spectacular.

It is recommended not to exceed a speed of more than 60 miles per hour (100 km/hr). the front passenger should always observed the side or the roads, animals love to come and have a snack...

you are here to see Baja so:

It is recommended never to drive at night.

Let's talk "petrol" as the English would say.

Here in Baja a gas station is called "Gasolinería" and they are situated at strategic points along the Highway by the one and only dealer in the land: "Pemex". Diesel and unleaded gasoline can be purchased at these stations but in some areas demand is greater than supply and some time a station will run dry. For this reason it is recommended to fill up at every "Gasolinería" that you encounter along the road and to carry an extra 5 gallons in reserve if you can. Always check the amount of liters and multiply by the price per liters. This way you will always pay exactly for what you got.  


Many small dirt roads in Baja will take you to undisturbed, unspoiled and unique fabulous places but you'll have to drive carefully and be aware that walking out can be difficult. Always carry the necessary to change a tire, potable water and a jacket.


Driving in Baja is not a dangerous adventure but you have to be careful.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to drive at night for a multitude of reasons. The first one is that you will not see any of the scenery but more important are the following: unlighted turnoffs, no shoulder, animals on the road and vehicles with no brake lights or an old truck that decided to die in a curb. All of the above are risks that can ruin your trip. Keep your distance. Many vehicles do not have signal or brake lights.

Upon crossing the border or before, you can purchase vehicle insurance for the length of your stay in México and if you decide to stay longer an extension can be obtained by calling the office. Having insurance is the only way to keep you out of trouble with the law. If you have an accident the law stipulates that you are to be detained until the insurance adjuster declares your policy valid or that you decide to pay the damages if your are at fault.

In any event the law protects you. If you are arrested you have the right to refrain from making a declaration or signing any document. You can ask for a FREE translator and legal representation. You are to be released after 72 hours if no charges are applied.  



Security road blocks.

The reason for such stops are arms and drugs control. Normally the inspection is light and all the time courteous.

Inspections for fruits and vegetable are mandatory when leaving one region to the next. These controls are necessary to combat insects that causes great damages to crops. If you happen to have overlooked a few fruits you can eat them right at the inspection emplacement before proceeding on.

Contrary to many stories it is recommended not to give any "gifts" (mordida) to any official. The government is against corruption and many efforts are been made to get rid of the problem so please do not be part of the problem by giving in. 

Any traffic violation ticket is to be paid at the official police station where an official receipt will be given. Remember if you pay the fine in within 72 hours of the infraction you are entitled to a 50% discount. Never give any money to a policeman always ask for the ticket...the fines are real low. Remember If you contribute to the corruption your part of it, Mexico is changing and you might find yourself in trouble by offering a "tip".

Say "no" to corruption.

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Our sandy beach is free of vendors so you can fully enjoy the wonderful feeling of been at the beach alone in a place where the sun or the stars shine 350 days a year and where the moon comes up over the sea to provide a wonderful (sexy) romantic ambiance.

For you enjoyment we have a beach umbrellas, kayaks, snorkeling equipment and games free of charge.

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